Expression Swings: The Benefits of Mommy and Me Swings

Playground equipment is constantly being developed to help more people have fun at their favorite outdoor play space. One of our favorite new pieces of equipment is the expression swing that allows an adult to actively engage in play with their child. As adults and children sit face-to-face on our mommy and me swing, they enjoy these benefits that enhance the whole experience.

Encourage Multigenerational Play

We may call it the mommy and me swing, but it’s actually for everyone to enjoy. Older children and teens can use the adult side to swing with their younger siblings. Grandparents can also feel like a kid again as they swing with their grandchild. Multigenerational play boosts the emotional bonds between family members, and it also opens up opportunities for more learning to occur as everyone plays.

Stimulate a Child’s Language Development

Expression swings are great for public parks, but they are also becoming a popular piece of preschool playground equipment because of their ability to help children learn. Young children use visual cues to help them understand new vocabulary and what an adult is trying to say. Being able to see their teacher or parent’s face clearly as they swing helps them to learn how to speak and comprehend oral language better.

Improve Safety on the Playground

In an effort to be involved with their child, parents often put their children in their laps to swing. While this does help parents and their kids to bond, it is not always the safest option. Since parents must use both hands to swing, this often means that they cannot give their child the proper amount of support. Since expression swings have seats that are supportive for children based upon their age, the fear of them falling out is no longer a worry.

Add an Inclusive Element

Our expression swings include several different universal designs that accommodate both children under the age of five and those that are older. You can also choose an adaptive seat that provides additional support for children with disabilities. In addition to being adaptable to fit the needs of children with physical disabilities, swinging face-to-face with an adult is beneficial for children who have social and emotional disorders. For instance, a caregiver can use the swing to help children with ADHD or autism to process another person’s emotions or learn how to make more eye contact.

Teach Valuable Social Skills

The ability for adults and kids to see each other as they swing also gives them a chance to see each other’s expressions. Watching as a parent laughs and smiles helps kids to naturally develop their own ability to express their emotions. Swinging together also teaches cooperation and sharing, which are social skills that must be nurtured in younger children.

Swings have long been a favorite piece of equipment on playgrounds. While traditional swings still have their place in parks, putting in an expression swing brings new chances for people of all ages to bond. As you prepare to include an expression swing in your design, keep in mind that it tends to be one of the most popular elements on the playground. Consider adding more than one so that everyone can have a turn.

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