The 3 Bs That Are Super Important for Your Dog

Keeping your dog healthy and happy is as easy as paying attention to the three B’s that really matter. Your dog’s brain, body and behavior are all affected by the choices that you make regarding their care. Each of these components of your dog’s health builds upon the other. For instance, a dog that doesn’t get enough stimulation for their brain may engage in negative behavior. Fortunately, you can meet all of your dog’s needs by taking them outside and planning fun activities that they’ll be sure to enjoy.

Nurture Their Brain

One of the reasons why dogs are considered to be man’s best friend is because they are so smart. Similar to humans, a dog’s brain activity is highest when they are still young. By the age of eight, most dogs begin to develop some cognitive declines. While your dog may be getting older, don’t fall for the myth that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Instead, focus on providing them with more mental stimulation each day. Taking your dog for walks outside or a romp in the dog park helps them to keep their senses sharp. During your outdoor adventures, your dog takes in new sights, smells and sounds that give them something to think about. You can also use dog park equipment to stimulate your pup’s brain with activities such as choosing to go over or under an obstacle.

Strengthen Their Body

Physical exercise is important for helping your dog’s body to stay strong. In your house, your dog may not be able to jump and run as much as they need to maintain their health. If you have a high energy dog, then they may not even get enough exercise when you walk them around the neighborhood on a leash. For these dogs, an enclosed park made just for canines allows you to take your dog off of their leash so that they can run as fast as they can. Dog parks also have tunnels, walking planks and other equipment that help to build up your dog’s muscles while the extra exercise increases their cardiovascular functioning.

Promote Good Behavior

Your dog would jump through hoops to keep you happy, and you can find dog playground equipment that helps them do exactly that. Different dog breeds have varying needs for the amount of physical activity that they receive each day, yet all dogs benefit from having the chance to burn off their energy. If your dog exhibits challenging behaviors such as digging or barking excessively, then they may not be getting enough physical stimulation during the day. Taking your dog to the park lets them run and jump as much as they want. You can also use this opportunity to help your dog learn to follow commands in public when it is harder to minimize distractions.

Now that you understand the three B’s and how they affect your dog’s overall wellbeing, it is time to get out there and play. Try to dedicate a few hours each week to taking your favorite canine to the dog park where they can play with other pups and engage in challenges that keep them healthy and strong.

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