Could Your Park Benefit From Adding Furnishings?

Part of your park’s maintenance plan should include taking a look to see if there are any features that it lacks. Many parks are first designed to be as simple as possible, and you may have more room in your budget to plan an expansion. There are also furnishings that may have gotten lost or damaged over the years such as trash receptacles and grills. As you assess the park’s current layout and design, ask yourself these questions to determine if some additional park furnishings are just what it needs to be more functional and attractive.

Has Your Park’s Community Expanded?

Your park might have been built when you only needed a few swing sets to keep the kids happy. Now, however, you may have a need for adding larger play structures that allow more kids to play at a time. You may also be ready to bring in some furnishings that attract teenagers and adults such as outdoor gym equipment and bike racks.

Do Older Adults Visit the Park?

Senior citizens benefit from getting outside where they can enjoy the sunshine and engage in light exercise. Fortunately, it only takes a few special furnishings to make a park senior-friendly. For instance, your park may need a few benches along the walking path so that seniors can sit down and take a short break if they get tired. Seniors may also need some shade around the areas where they sit or exercise. Consider adding some shade over picnic tables where they might want to enjoy a mid-day lunch outside on a pretty day.

Are You Getting Complaints About Dogs?

In a perfect world, dogs and kids could all run free together without a worry. However, park managers often get complaints about people allowing their dog to run off-leash near areas where children play. You may also have issues with people leaving their dog’s droppings on the ground, which can pose a sanitation hazard. If so, then consider installing dog park equipment that is surrounded by a fence. This way, everyone can play. You can also include dog bag dispensers and trash receptacles that inspire everyone to keep the space cleaner.

Have You Had Issues With Litter?

Speaking of litter, you may also have problems with kids and their families leaving large amounts of trash scattered around the playground. You can urge people to do the right thing by putting out more metal trash receptacles. We’ve even got recycling bins that encourage your park’s visitors to do their part to maintain a beautiful environment.

Where there’s a problem, we have a solution. Most people who visit your play area just want to have a good time, and new issues that arise typically mean that it is time to expand your park’s furnishings. Take a look at how people play at the park, and take any complaints you’ve heard to heart. Often, just adding a few updated furnishings is all it takes to improve the experience that people have when they visit your playground.

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