Here's Why Your Baby Needs Outdoor Time

Your baby relies upon you for everything associated with their development, from childhood to adulthood. While providing your baby with a healthy diet and lots of love are important, you also want to remember to take them outside on a frequent basis. As long as the weather permits, you should aim to introduce your baby to the outdoors for at least a few minutes every day. Doing so provides these benefits that make it clear why your baby needs outdoor time to stimulate their development.

Encourage a Natural Sense of Curiosity

Young children learn about the world by using their senses. Taking your child outside introduces them to a new environment with different sights, sounds, and scents than they get at home. Try taking your baby to the park where they can experience things such as feeling the wind in their hair or smelling a flower. Even the simplest of activities, such as swinging in an infant swing, provides your baby with new opportunities to think about the world around them.

Give Them Opportunities to Socialize With Others

Babies are social from the moment that they are born. While your baby might have been satisfied just being in your arms during their first few weeks of life, you will quickly discover that they want to interact with other people as they grow. People of all different ages visit outdoor playgrounds, and your child benefits from getting to play with other babies as well as older kids. If you worry about your baby’s safety at the playground, then look for a park with early childhood playground structures that have features such as being closer to the ground that protects babies from injuries.

Provide Room to Develop Gross Motor Skills

During your baby’s first year of life, they will go from being completely immobile to taking those first steps. Shortly after this, your baby will want to run, climb and jump as much as they can. While these behaviors may be annoying in your home, they are completely acceptable outdoors. In fact, playing on a safe playground structure is better than having your child try to climb on the coffee table at home. Children can also use freestanding playground equipment to test out their balance and learn how their movements generate changes in their environment.

Enjoy Opportunities to Bond as a Family

Your relationship with your baby will continue to grow for a lifetime, and new experiences help to strengthen your bond. As you help to push your baby on a swing or guide them down a slide, they learn to trust and rely on you for help. Your baby will also benefit from making memories together that help them to build their identity as a member of your family.

There is no time like the present to take your baby outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Whether your baby loves to toddle up a set of small stairs leading to a child-size slide on the playground or they just like to giggle with their new friends, you can enjoy knowing that you are giving them what they require for their healthy development. 

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