Does Your Dog Have Behavior Problems? Here's What to Do

You love your dog, and you knew when you brought them home that they may need some training. Yet, you never thought that your dog would be barking, digging or even nipping at other people’s heels this long after you adopted them into your family. Dog behavior problems can be narrowed down to a few simple issues that are easy to correct by changing up their routine and staying firm in your resolve to teach them how to behave. Whether your dog keeps jumping the fence or just won’t calm down, you can use these tips to help them learn how to be a good dog anywhere you go together.

Teach Your Dog Basic Commands

Most dogs can easily learn some simple commands such as sit or stay. However, you must work on these commands often for them to learn them quickly. Start by using commands with your dog when you are home alone and it is quiet. Keep it simple by only teaching one or two commands at a time. You can gradually add more and practice in different environments once your dog masters those.

Provide Opportunities for Socialization

Dogs need to be socialized at an early age so that they know how to behave around other animals and people. However, even older dogs can be taught how to enjoy social interactions without being aggressive if you provide them with opportunities to learn. A visit to the dog park is the perfect place to introduce your pet to other dogs and their human companions. If you worry about how to socialize your dog at the dog park, then use strategies such as going during times when it is less crowded. For instance, you may want to go early in the morning when fewer dogs are out. This gives your dog a chance to get used to only a few dogs at a time as they enjoy the dog playground equipment.

Give High Energy Dogs Room to Run

Certain breeds of dogs are known for being full of energy. For instance, your Labrador may be known for being loyal, but they also need to run and play for most of the day to be happy. If your dog’s energy is not properly burned off, then you can expect them to make up their own fun by engaging in undesirable behaviors such as chewing up the furniture. Dog park equipment adds even more ways for your dog to get their energy out since they can do things such as jump through hoops that they can’t do at home.

Dog training takes time, and helping your dog burn off their energy is important for helping them to stay calm. Try taking your dog for a walk in the park the next time they misbehave, and continue to let them know when they make the right decisions. With time and patience, you’ll soon love being that person at the dog park whose pup is always on their best behavior.

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