Dog parks have been popping up in cities everywhere and there is a need for these spaces. People love having a place where their pet can play off-leash safely so it’s easy to see why. Did you know the number of dog parks that are open in the United States has increased by 40 percent since 2009? You can bet this number will only continue to grow from here. Now that you’ve gained approval to help your community jump on the dog park trend, you can use these tips to choose safe and durable dog park equipment that will make both you and your pet happy!

Establish a Planning Committee

Your first step is to put together a team of people who can share ideas for creating the perfect dog park. Although all volunteers should be welcome, it is best if you include one or two people on the team who are experts in playground design. Once you have suggestions from our experts, you can then present them to the committee to see what works best for your purposes and budget.

plan For Practicality

The prospect of designing a dog park is so exciting that it is easy to forget about the essential features. With that being said, the best dog parks should have everything that a dog owner needs in order to follow the rules and keep the area sanitary. Start by selecting enough dog leash stations to accommodate the amount of animals that you anticipate playing at one time. Then, add some trash bins, sanitation stations, and water fountains so that everyone’s essential needs are always handled.

Provide Space To Train For Specific Skills

While some people visit dog parks for pure leisure, others may use them to help train their dogs for upcoming competitions and shows. Think about the different skills that dogs need to know such as how to jump over an obstacle or walk properly up a ramp. Then, find equipment that supports the learning of these skills so that the park also serves a valuable purpose to trainers in the community.

Think About Durability

All play areas should be safe for both humans and dogs, but you should also go the extra mile to check for durability. Look for equipment that has been specially designed for outdoor use such as UV stabilized plastic that is resistant to wear over time. Durable dog park equipment helps your organization cut costs for future repairs and replacement so that you extend the life of your dog park.

Remember To Think About Diversity

Just like humans, dogs come in different sizes, ages, and with varying abilities. Make sure to select dog playground equipment that can accommodate anyone who visits the play area. From multilevel hoops to resting areas for older dogs, thinking about the diversity within the dog population of your community helps set the scene for an inclusive play space.

Final Thoughts

You’ve got a big job ahead of you, but designing a dog park is also a lot of fun. When you have questions about your design or what types of equipment to include, just let us know. Our playground experts are always ready to make sure that every dog has a nearby park that they deserve.

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