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What are the benefits of outdoor play?

In recent years children have been increasingly addicted to electronics, spending most of their time indoors. Thus, causing severe consequences for their health and development, making America a country with the highest rate of child obesity. On the contrary, outdoor play offers multiple benefits, not the least of which are:

  • It helps children develop a problem-solving attitude while learning valuable life lessons, such as teamwork, effective communication, and so forth.

  • It improves fitness and physical stamina, builds immunity and strengthens muscles.

  • The natural surroundings help to enhance creativity and imagination.

  • It helps to channel internal energy in a positive way.

  • It enables children to develop social skills through their playground interactions.

Does playground time help in a child's development?

Time spent in the playground helps in the overall development of a child. Firstly, their surroundings help them understand science in a better way and improves their ability to acquire new information. Playground time is an excellent way to boost motor skills and social skills development. The physical activity during playground time helps to reduce the risk of several diseases, such as childhood diabetes, and provides them with fresh air and sunlight, reducing the risk of rickets.

What should be in a playground for children aged 2-5 years?

Children in the 2 to 5 age group are in the process of developing fine motor skills. So, the playground needs to challenge them but not too aggressively. Hence, types of equipment like tunnels, slides, ramps, jungle gyms are great. In fact, themed, motor-based activity panels can help enhance such skills. All equipment should also be easily accessible and at a height that will not cause serious injury if there are accidents. Also, the play area should be visible from all directions for proper adult supervision.

What should be in a playground for children aged 6-9 years?

This age group thrives on mental and physical challenges. The playground should offer this and be designed to help them develop coordination, social skills, balance, muscle endurance and more. So, consider including swing sets, obstacle courses, and other climbing structures. You can also check out equipment that will help improve overall flexibility and core strength of the children.

How do I start a children’s play area?

In order to set up a children's play area, you need to follow some simple steps, such as:

  1. Decide on the location where your playground will be built. Make sure it is easily accessible for nearby communities and is near schools or commercial areas.

  2. Plan the entire geography of your play area, including any landscaping and the equipment it will have for children of different age groups.

  3. Choose the right playground equipment manufacturer. Ensure that the equipment meets international safety standards and is durable.

  4. Arrange sitting areas and other facilities for parents and other adults accompanying the children.

What is the most popular playground equipment?

One prevalent modern playground equipment is the painted panel that enables children to show their creative and artistic abilities while being outdoors.

Fitness is a growing trend among playground equipment, leading to rising demand for structures that help kids stay fit while having fun. This also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle in their day to day life and the future.

Other types of equipment that are instant favorites include swing sets, merry go rounds, jungle gyms, monkey bars, animal springers, tetherball, and giant strides.

How to choose the right swing set for a playground?

Children of all ages (and some adults) simply love swings. The sense of weightlessness gives them a feeling of flight, and this is what makes swing sets an essential part of every playground. While selecting a swing set, keep certain things in mind, such as:

  • Swing variety: There are full bucket swing seats that can be used by children below 4 years of age, half bucket swings for older toddlers, belt sets for children who can swing without assistance and flat swing sets for older children.

  • Inclusive swings: If your target audience includes differently-abled children, there are also some specially designed swing sets made of copolymers and durable fabrics on metal frames.

How to choose playground equipment that's safe for kids?

To reduce the risk of mishaps during play time, it is important to choose playground equipment that is safe. Accordingly, give priority to certain factors while making a choice, such as:

  • Make sure that the equipment adheres to international safety regulations and standards.

  • Arrange the play area in such a manner that the equipment in a specific segment is well suited to a particular age group.

  • Check whether the products have sturdy handrails and protective barriers to prevent falls.

  • Choose soft materials, such as plastics, as the material for swing sets, in place of metal or wood.

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