What Equipment to Choose for a Dog Park

Dog parks are one of the best places for people to take their canine companions to burn off their excess energy and enjoy a day outside. The best dog parks are fenced in spaces with all of the amenities that people need to keep their pet safe and comfortable as they develop their agility. In addition to the usual leash holders and benches, be sure to add these pieces of dog playground equipment to make the park you design the most popular one around.

Build Confidence With a Tunnel

Many dogs struggle with anxiety that may stem from their background if they are a rescue. Other dogs may simply be a little wary of new environments as part of their normal temperament. Tunnels are one fun piece of equipment that helps to build trust between the dog and their owner. Consider adding a short tunnel for dogs who are just getting used to the concept along with a longer, curvier one to further develop the dog’s confidence on the course.

Add a Fun Challenge With an Inclined Walk

Many dog agility competitions include elements such as seesaws that require animals to walk up a plank that moves as their weight shifts downward. You can help competitive dogs prepare for this expectation by placing an inclined plank in the park. This feature is so fun that even dogs who don’t compete will love practicing their prance up and down the inclines.

Strength Those Puppy Legs With High Jumps

Dogs are often trained not to jump up on people or furniture. While this is important for safety purposes, dogs still have a need to jump and run as much as they can. Add a few high jumps to the dog park that give dogs the opportunity to really stretch their legs. As you do, make sure to include varying levels so that every pup can participate.

Develop Precision With Hoops

Jumping through a hoop develops different skills compared to a regular bar. To jump through a hoop, dogs must use their depth perception abilities to figure out how high to jump to clear the bottom without bumping into the top. Hoops of varying sizes also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the park’s layout.

Give Dogs a Resting Platform

After all of that hard work, dogs deserve a place to rest and receive their human companion’s praises. Resting platforms are the perfect place for dogs to jump up and enjoy a brief sit. These platforms are also used by people as a place to practice common commands with their dogs such as how to sit and stay.

The equipment that you choose for dog parks should always be held to the same standards for safety and durability as you would expect for a children’s playground. Our equipment is made with durable UV stabilized HDPE plastic panels and includes options for dogs of all sizes. Whether you have a huge field to fill or just want to add an accent to an open space on an established playground, we’ve got a design plan to fit your needs.

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