What Are Nature Inspired Playgrounds?

Enjoying the beauty of nature is just one of the many reasons why families visit playgrounds. Spending the day outside gives kids a chance to unplug and create memories that cannot be made using their electronic devices. Although sleek and modern designs have always been a popular choice for local park play areas, a new trend has been emerging in recent years. Nature-inspired playgrounds provide benefits to schools, daycare centers and entire cities that make it worth incorporating natural touches into the overall design.

Design With the Natural Landscaping in Mind

A nature-inspired playground is exactly what it sounds like. Using cues from the existing environment, playground designers select equipment and materials that blend into the natural beauty of the area. On a nature-inspired playground, you will see elements such as natural wood used for the structures along with manufactured features such as rock formations that feel as though a person has stepped into a rural wonderland.

Maintain the Benefits of Green Spaces

The power of nature is evident in studies that show that exposure to green spaces provides kids with cognitive benefits such increased mathematical skills. In many communities, open natural areas are protected so that the residents can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of nature. When a park is desired in these areas, it is important to respect the natural environment so that these benefits are preserved. Choosing kids’ playground equipment that fits into these spaces makes it possible to design a play area that brings out the best of what nature provides.

Bring Life to Concrete Jungles

Many families live in areas that are devoid of any type of nature. These urban environments often make it hard to soak up the sun or enjoy the pleasure of climbing to the top of a rock formation. Outdoor playground equipment that creates the feeling of being in nature allows kids to enjoy similar benefits as those who visit natural green spaces regularly. For an urban area, synthetic turf creates the feeling of running through natural green grass, and recycled wooden structures allow kids to know what it is like to play in a forest. Being able to temporarily step out of the urban jungle lets kids relax and learn more about nature.

Support Unstructured Outdoor Play

Some kids may never have the opportunity to go rock climbing on a real mountain. Yet, a nature-inspired playground can give them an experience that is close to the real thing. As kids traverse ropes and wooden bridges, their imaginations begin to spark. It’s exciting watching as they develop their own pretend play adventures where they become hikers and explorers. A well-designed playground serves as a backdrop that allows kids to explore their biggest outdoor dreams.

Stepping across a series of faux tree stumps or climbing a boulder encourages kids to challenge themselves to continue to grow and learn. Families who visit nature-inspired playgrounds also find that they leave feeling refreshed as though they actually spent a day in the wilderness. Our playground structures and freestanding equipment all provide options that allow you to fill any space with nature-inspired play options that are truly inspirational.

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