Top Fitness Equipment You Need For Your Outdoor Gym

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor gyms are an asset to every community. These gyms work great when placed near playgrounds so that parents can squeeze in a workout while their kids play. This equipment can also be set up as standalone parks where adults tend to gather such as outside of your corporate building. Either way, you want to make sure that your outdoor gym has these top rated pieces of equipment that all add up to a full workout.

Get Heart Rates Up With a Cardio Walker

This unique piece of outdoor gym equipment turns everyday walking into just plain fun. To use the cardio walker, a person simply places their feet on each pedal and moves their legs to swing them back and forth. Since the user gets to set their own pace, this can turn into quite the cardio workout for anyone who wants to get their heart rate up.

Boost Mobility With a Step Around

Over the past few years, senior playgrounds have been gaining in popularity. While seniors used to enjoy walking down paths around neighborhood parks, this new generation of older adults is more active and prefers to focus on whole body training. Step arounds are perfect for older adults who can use the center support ring for stability as they step over low hurdles. This activity helps to increase their depth perception and joint mobility. Younger adults can also use this piece of equipment to increase their balance, which makes it perfect for parks with a universal design.

Crunch Your Core With a Curl Bench

The core muscles play a big role in a person’s ability to balance, yet trying to do abdominal curls are difficult on parks that lack the right type of equipment. Not only does a curl bench help fitness enthusiasts to stay off the ground, but it also has a slight incline that makes every crunch have a greater impact. These benches can also be used for leg curls or on a circuit training course where participants are encouraged to walk or run between each piece of equipment.

Create a Balance Station

In addition to toning the core muscles, people who visit your outdoor gym should also be able to develop their balance abilities. Try adding several pieces of outdoor fitness equipment in one area that are all designed to strengthen balance. For instance, a balance board rests on a spring that allows a person to focus on maintaining their balance. You can also add a plank board with bars on each side to help people with low balance, such as the elderly, to rebuild their ability to walk in a straight line.

The best outdoor gyms have something for everyone, and these pieces of equipment all help satisfy the fitness needs of each person in your community. Since the fitness industry is currently booming, we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance outdoor gym designs. So, be sure to let us know about your vision for your upcoming project!

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