The Importance Of Outdoor Play For Toddlers

Toddlers are known for their boundless energy that needs to be released. So, outdoor playgrounds are the perfect place for little ones to run, jump, and swing. Although built up energy is a huge reason to spend the day outdoors, playing outside actually has many benefits for toddlers that fosters their physical and mental development. Keep reading to discover the importance of play for childhood development.

Develop Gross Motor Skills

Outdoor play is all about using your full body for activities such as running and climbing, but youngsters need to be able to do so in a safe environment. Toddler-sized playground equipment allows the smallest children on the playground to safely develop their gross motor skills. Children can be seen walking up stairs and ramps that provide a challenge without creating a fall hazard. While young toddlers often still need a hand to hold as they try these challenges for the first time, they eventually begin to develop more independence as their motor skills get stronger.

Discover Cause and Effect

Children are constantly trying to learn more about the world around them. Strategically planned outdoor playground equipment makes it easy for them to learn new concepts. Early childhood playground structures such as discovery centers have panels with activities that are placed at just the right height for toddlers to reach with their hands. From spinning gears, to moving the hands of a pretend clock, kids this age love figuring out how their actions make things happen in their favorite play space. In fact, you'll often see them trying things over and over again to see if the same things happen every time.

Strengthen Social and Emotional Development

Toddlers love to squeal and scream as they meet new friends and play with their favorite people. Outside activities such as playing on a mommy-and-me swing gives children the chance to bond with the people they love while experiencing new safe thrills. Since those excited screams seem less loud outside, going to the playground gives them an acceptable way to engage in self-expression.

Establish an Active Lifestyle

Taking a toddler to the playground helps them to develop a love for the outdoors that stays with them for life. A child who plays on the outdoor gym equipment today discovers how wonderful it feels to be in the fresh air and sunshine, and will be more likely to engage in active pursuits in the future.

Final Thoughts

Anyone who has ever been stuck inside with an energetic toddler on a rainy day knows how vital it is to get them outside as much as possible. Yet, going outside does far more than just help them expend their energy. Our playground experts are always looking for the latest equipment to stimulate child development. Our focus is to ensure that your playground is a safe place for the littlest members of the community to soak up the sunshine as they engage in new types of play.

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