The Best Early Learning Play Equipment for Your Daycare

Outside time is the highlight of every young child’s day, and the children at your daycare deserve a playground that makes them squeal with joy when it is time to gather at the door. The playground at your daycare can also be considered an outdoor learning center where children may not even realize that they are strengthening important skills such as the ability to climb a set of stairs or recognize colors. As teachers and daycare administrators know, going outside represents a new opportunity to teach essential lessons, and these pieces of playground equipment will make hitting those learning goals so much easier.

Stimulate Gross Motor and Cognitive Skills With a Toddler Discovery Center

Early childhood playground structures should be designed to fit the littlest kids that come outside for an adventure. A toddler discovery center has many of the same features that you’ll see on larger structures, but it is specifically built for children between the ages of six and 23 months old. Toddlers are encouraged to test out their climbing skills on the small step up that leads to a single story landing that is filled with activities that meet their developmental needs. During their stop on the way to the slide, they can play with a shapes panel, bang on the bongo drums and even move the hands of a clock.

Encourage Creative Expression With Freestanding Musical Instruments

Young children love to bang out rhythms, and our outdoor instruments are perfect for kids to engage in some creative expression. Freestanding drums and metallophones are perfect for kids with high sensory needs, and they are the right height for inclusive play. These are also perfect for kids of all different ages, so they can work for the older kids who may come to the playground after school. You can also scatter them throughout their playground or group several types together to encourage kids to make their own little outdoor orchestra.

Develop Social Skills With Interactive Seesaws

Toddlers and preschoolers develop many of their most important social skills out on the playground where they have more time to engage in child-led experiences with their friends. Seesaws have been a staple piece of preschool playground equipment for years, but our versions are safer than ever before. They are designed to sit level when they are at rest so that no one gets a surprise bump if someone gets up too soon. You’ll also love the safety springs that prevent injuries on the playground. As kids work together to move the seesaw, they’ll learn how to cooperate with someone else to create a fun experience.

Daycare playground equipment must be made from durable materials that are designed to stand up to outdoor elements such as temperature changes and rain. You’ll also want to make sure that the equipment is the right height and recommended for the ages of the young children that play in the area. Our designers can help you select the right equipment to stand up to years of use that stimulates the development of the children that come to your daycare each day.

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