Playground Safety Surfacing: How To Choose?

which safety surfacing is best for me?

When planning for a play structure, an athletic field, a dog park or any other recreational area, which surfacing can be the most confusing decision to make. There are so many different types and colors, it’s difficult to decipher which is right for your project. Still not sure that’s what you’d like? Have no fear, the experts are here! 

1. Engineered wood fiber

Engineered Wood Fiber has a natural, classic look of wood chips on the playground. However, our product has a fine layer component that allows for mobility devices, such as wheelchairs and crutches, to be used on it without getting stuck! With a low installation cost, this surfacing is great for projects with a tight budget. Due to compaction and natural decomposition, raking and an occasional top off is necessary to comply with safety standards.

2. Recycled Rubber mulch

Our Recycled Rubber Mulch is made of 100% recycled tire rubber, is splinter free, and doesn’t decompose. It drains well, comes in various colors, and is impact-absorbing. Play curbs and wear mats extend the life of the surfacing resulting in fewer top-offs.

3. Poured-in-place

If you are looking to customize your playground’s surface with shapes or graphics, Pour-In-Place Rubber is what you’re looking for! PIP is composed of two layers - an impact-absorbing layer that is customized to meet fall height requirements and a half-inch layer of GT Impax wear course that comes in several bright colors. The two layers must be installed over asphalt, concrete, or compacted sub-base aggregate. Though this surfacing has a high initial price point, it is highly accessible, resilient, and low maintenance and will pay off in the long term.

4. Synthetic turf

What could be better than a lawn you don’t have to cut and water? Our synthetic turf gives you the natural look without the high maintenance and expensive upkeep. Typically used on sports fields, synthetic turf can be used in nature-themed playgrounds or check out our antimicrobial turf for dog parks! With quick drainage and cooler surface temperatures than most unitary turfs, you’ll be lawnmower free before you know it!

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