Increase Playground Safety: Things You Can Do

Safety on the playground is always the highest priority, and everyone must do their part to create a place where children can play without the worry of an injury. Whether you have a small church playground or one that serves the entire community, our playground experts are always eager to share their insights into how you can make it safer. As you plan your playground or assess your current one, you can use these strategies to make sure it goes above and beyond complying with the basic safety standards for play areas.

Choose the right safety surfacing

Playground surfacing has been revolutionized by new technologies and materials that are more shock-absorbent than ever before. For instance, poured-in-place rubber makes it possible for kids to run without falling down. It also creates a softer surface for putting swings and slides underneath where a child might accidentally fall. You can also choose loose fill materials such as wood and rubber mulch for fall zones that are located beneath equipment that has height.

create defined areas for younger children

The best playgrounds inspire everyone to get involved in the play, however, toddlers are at risk of being trampled or bumped by older kids. When designing, try to include designated spaces where younger children can play separately from the older ones while still being near enough to enjoy the fun. Toddler discovery areas can also be set up with small fences around them to help parents, preventing them from wandering off in large open space playgrounds.

Provide Places To Rest And Recover

Kids playground equipment should also include a few places where children and their parents can catch their breath or escape the sun if they get hot. Benches and picnic tables with shades are the perfect way to help kids cool off. Including shaded structures also allows youngsters with health conditions, such as asthma, to engage in less intense forms of play if swinging and climbing get to be too much for their bodies.

Inspect And Replace Equipment Regularly

You should always opt for professional manufactured and installed equipment for your playground that prevents injuries. For instance, a commercial swing set is always safer than a rope and tire swing that is set up by a volunteer in your community. However, even the best equipment still needs to be inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear. As you inspect the playground, be sure to also check the loose fill surface depth in the fall zones since these materials often need to be replaced as they get pushed away by children’s clothing and the weather.

Sum Up Outdoor Safety

A safe playground is a happy one! Therefore, you need to know that everyone who visits the play space that you design can enjoy a worry-free experience. While parents should always do their part to keep an eye on their little ones, choosing quality equipment and keeping it in top condition make everyone’s job easier.

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