How to Properly Clean Your Playground

On the surface, outdoor playgrounds are fairly self cleaning since the rain tends to wash much of the dirt away. Parents also tend to understand that children need some exposure to germs to develop their immune systems. Still, your park management team will need to inspect and clean the playground areas on a regular basis by following these essential protocols.

Pick Up Obvious Trash and Landscaping Debris

A large part of playground cleaning involves picking up trash that tends to accumulate such as food wrappers. There may also be twigs, leaves and other landscaping debris that gets blown onto the play area. This is especially common after storms, and your cleaning crew may even find that pebbles and rocks somehow find their way onto the safety surfacing.

Check Loose Fill for Potentially Hazardous Materials

Loose fill, such as rubber and wood mulch, is essential for protecting kids in fall zones. However, it can also sometimes accumulate dangerous materials that get hidden below the surface. As your crew rakes this area to make sure that the loose fill material is deep enough in the fall zones, they should also check for things such as broken glass or other trash that requires removal. Metal detectors are helpful for locating areas below the surface that need cleaning.

Use a Vacuum or Blower to Remove Surface Dirt

Most loose dirt and leaves are easily blown off of the surfaces of the ground and equipment. Occasionally, dirt will find its way into small holes or cracks on certain types of equipment. This can usually be easily removed by using a vacuum.

Hose Down the Playground Equipment Regularly

The rain is not always strong enough to remove all of the dirt that can build up on playground surfaces. Hosing down the play space with plain water or a mild cleaning solution helps to remove this ground in dirt. This is also a fast way to get the play area clean when time is a concern.

Follow Proper Procedures to Clean Biohazards

Early childhood playground equipment is especially prone to exposure to potential pathogens that could make the other children who play on it get sick. Child care workers and other employees of companies that use outdoor playgrounds for the children in their care may need to carefully sanitize the surface of equipment that is exposed to bodily fluids that are known to spread disease. Our equipment is durable enough to stand up to sanitizing solutions if they need to be used regularly.

Pressure Wash Hard to Clean Areas

Pressure washing is another option that you can use to remove dirt from surfaces that are harder to clean such as the concrete along the sidewalks. You can also use a soft pressure wash to remove grime that develops between the moving parts of outdoor gym equipment.

Cleaning your playground equipment helps to create a play space for families that is safer and invites them to explore without worrying about getting sick or hurt. Regular cleaning and maintenance also extends the life of the equipment that you choose to install on your playground. Always ask our playground designers about how to care for any new equipment that you install so that you can maintain a pristine environment that is a highlight of your community.

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