How to Host a Birthday Party at a Playground

A birthday party at the park is one that your child will never forget. Playground birthday parties give children room to run and play without it getting out of hand for the adults. You’ll also love how easy it is to set up and keep everyone entertained when you already have fun playground equipment available for the guests to enjoy. Hosting a playground party does require a little planning, and you can make sure that your celebration goes perfectly by following these simple steps.

Look for Playgrounds With Comfortable Eating Areas

One of the first things to look for in a park is an eating area that has enough space for you to set up your party. Park amenities often include covered eating areas with picnic tables that give you a place for everyone to gather.You might also want to make sure that the area has a trash bin nearby along with a grill if you plan to do a cookout.

Find Out If You Need to Make a Reservation

Commercial gazebos are popular locations for people to host parties in the park, which can pose a problem if too many people want the same space at the same time. Check with the city or management company for the park to find out if you need to reserve the space ahead of time. If not, then you will still want to show up early during the day to claim the area before other people arrive.

Plan for Plenty of Time For Free Play

The best thing about playground parties is that the entertainment is already built-in. You might still want to plan a few outdoor games for your guests to enjoy between their romps on the playground. Keep in mind that younger children might only want to play a game or two before going back to free play. Stay flexible with the games, and encourage the kids to enjoy their freedom.

Include Helpful Information on the Invitation

You’ll also want to remember that some of the guests might not be familiar with the park where you are hosting the party. Make sure to jot down a note or two about anything that they may need to bring. Your guests will appreciate you giving them a heads up to dress their child in the proper attire for a day spent splashing around on the spray park equipment. If the park is large and has several pavilions, then you might also want to clue them in on where your party is located.

Make Sure to Bring All of the Essentials

With a park party, you can’t just run to the kitchen to get a knife for the cake. Start making a list of the essentials that you need for the party that you can use to check off each item as you pack. This is the best way to make sure that you have a way to light the birthday candles and all of your decorations. Being able to head out the door with confidence that you have everything you need makes it easier to enjoy your outdoor party.

As with any birthday party, you’ll want to start planning a few weeks to months ahead to make sure that you get your preferred spot. Then, stop by the park a week or two before the party to make sure that everything is in working order. Choosing a playground that is known for having quality equipment helps to make sure that all of your guests stay safe as they enjoy the party.

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