How to Build a High Quality Church Playground

Church playgrounds serve a valuable role by providing families and staff with a safe place to let children run off their energy. A quality playground is inviting to visitors from the community who may notice the equipment from the road and decide to drop in to experience a service. Members of your religious community will also enjoy having a fun place to enjoy fellowship opportunities with other families. Building a quality church playground is as easy as following these steps.

Consider Who Will Play On the Equipment

Family friendly churches typically have children that encompass a broad range of ages. Take a few minutes to envision who you see using the playground the most. Will parents with older kids drop in for a playdate while they wait for services to start? Or, do you see the preschool teachers leading a class outside? Making sure that the equipment is age-appropriate helps you to keep things safer and know that everyone who wants to play gets a chance.

Focus On Inclusion

Your church’s congregation is also likely made up of children with a wide range of abilities. You’ll want to make sure that the playground is inclusive to meet the ADA guidelines, but it also feels good to know that every child can play together. Look for church playground equipment with ramps and low set toys that allow children with mobility challenges to have better access. You might also need to add playground surfacing that is easier for older adults and people with wheelchairs to move across.

Create Areas for Adult Interaction

While the playground is a space that should be all about the kids, you also don’t want to forget about the adults. Add a few benches and tables where they can sit and chat while the children play. If the playground is in the direct sun, then a shade structure can make it more comfortable for people to enjoy the space in any type of weather.

Look for Versatile Equipment

Church budgets are typically fairly tight, but a playground is worth the investment when it builds the health and happiness of the congregation. Your planning team can start by exploring grants that make it possible to buy the best equipment. You can also buy playground equipment online that is made with versatile features to maximize your budget. Structures that have slides, benches, ladders and toys all in one space helps you fill the playground up fast while still practicing good stewardship over the funds.

Finish Up With Necessary Features

Finally, look at the playground design to see what finishing touches will make it the perfect space. Adding a trash bin can help everyone to do their part to keep the area clean. You might also add a grill if you know that families might want to use the play area for small gatherings. Bike racks are another great addition for encouraging your church’s members to focus on their physical fitness as well as their spirituality.

Every church has different needs, which means that there is not a one-size-fits-all way to build a playground. Start by planning your budget, and be willing to reach out to the experts for help. Playground designers can help you set up a play area that gets everyone excited about your church’s new outdoor feature.

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