Here's Why Your Worship Center Needs a Playground

Your worship center is a source of pride for your members that gives them a central place to gather and make memories with other people who share their same beliefs. Playgrounds support the goals of your community by adding another place where people can get to know each other while also providing opportunities to teach kids lessons such as how to show kindness to others. Adding a playground to your worship center provides benefits that expand even beyond your congregation’s regular meetings.

Reinforce the Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle

During your worship services, one of the focuses is often on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. For children, this means staying active and learning how to enjoy the benefits of spending time outdoors. Playgrounds encourage kids to stretch their legs and discover that exercise is fun and promotes a better mental attitude.

Establish a Family Friendly Church Community

There’s a reason why playgrounds tend to be the hub of major cities. Parents and other family members love to mingle with other adults while the children play. Parents with rambunctious toddlers can let their kids run wild while they enjoy fellowship with the other families there before and after worship services. Playground areas are also the perfect place to host events such as a family water play day to foster closeness within your community.

Invite New Visitors to Explore Your Worship Center

When you look for playground equipment for sale, check out structures that are colorful and filled with exciting features such as slides. These fun structures are easily seen from the road, and you can bet that it attracts a few curious families to your worship center’s doors. A playground makes it clear to potential visitors that your congregation welcomes people with young kids.

Provide a Play Space for Early Learning Programs

Who says that your early childhood learning programs must take place in a classroom? Young children can enjoy doing interactive activities that help to build their faith while they are out on the playground. Older children can engage in team building activities on the church playground equipment that helps build their confidence in themselves and trust in others. If your church also has a faith-based child care program, then a playground is an absolute must to stay in compliance with the best practices for promoting child development.

Take Advantage of Teachable Moments

A playground is often a child’s first experience with learning how to maneuver through challenging social situations. With a parent’s help, the youngest members of your community can learn how to do things such as handle conflicts that tend to arise when multiple children learn to play. Showing children how to show compassion to someone who is hurt or needs help on the playground reinforces the lessons that they learn when they are inside your worship center.

Our playgrounds come in multiple configurations that you can choose from to serve a wide range of children within your worship center’s community. Our playground designs also meet ADA compliance standards and allow every child to enjoy the experience of playing within a space that fosters their physical and spiritual growth.

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