Fun Play Equipment to Choose for Your Daycare

The opportunity to select equipment for your daycare feels a lot like being a kid in a candy store. There are so many fun and educational play structures that it is sometimes hard to narrow it down to just the items that you have room for on your daycare’s playground. As you browse through your options, consider adding these fun pieces of kids' playground equipment that will have the children in your care squealing with joy.

Start With a Large Climbing Structure

Educational playground structures provide all of the bells and whistles that your playground needs to instantly transform the space. Our playground structures are all designed with safety and inclusion in mind. Many of them also have educational components such as math touch panels. Look for one that is the right size for the children that play on the playground, and consider adding lower structures if your daycare includes toddler classrooms.

Add a See-Saw

See-saws disappeared off of playgrounds for several years after parents and teachers began to raise safety concerns with the older styles. We are excited to help bring them back to daycares with the child-safe models that are available today. Look for see-saws with safety features such as enclosed or gentle springs that prevent those sudden starts and stops that old styles were known for. With safer see-saws, kids can develop their balance while also learning valuable lessons about cooperation.

Put In Some Spinners

Spinning is more than just fun, it helps to activate systems within a child’s body that stimulate learning. For instance, spinning on a merry-go-round provides proprioceptive input that helps kids learn how to sense where their body is in space. After using spinners, kids tend to be calmer and better able to focus in the classroom. The type of input spinners provide is also highly important for children with increased sensory needs such as autism or sensory processing disorders.

Install a Themed Spring Rider

Spring riders also provide similar stimulation to a child’s sensory systems as a spinner. However, you can choose fun shapes for the spring rider such as cars or animals that activate the children’s imagination. The kids at your daycare will develop vocabulary skills and increase their social abilities as they engage in dramatic play experiences while also exercising their little bodies.

Include a Buddy Bench

One of the best pieces of preschool playground equipment to add to your daycare today is a buddy bench. These benches are perfect for children who are still learning how to communicate with their peers and make new friends on the playground. With a buddy bench, all a child has to do is sit down and within minutes someone else will come along and ask them to play. This is also the perfect place for teachers to sit with a child and enjoy a learning activity such as a one-on-one read-aloud.

Quality playground equipment for daycares should always be selected with safety and learning opportunities in mind. Yet, you’ll quickly find that our structures come in fun colors, themes, and styles that will make the kids at your daycare love going outside for playtime.

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