Commercial Playground Equipment that Kids Love

Children often remember their favorite playgrounds well into adulthood, and many families bring their kids back to the same places that they once played. Our commercial playground equipment is designed with strength and durability in mind so that you can be confident that the play area you plan will last for many years. You can also bet that people will flock to your new playground when you add these key pieces of equipment that kids love, because parks and playgrounds are an essential part of local communities.

Attractive Play Structures

Play structures come in varying sizes and with a variety of bells and whistles that allow you to customize your commercial playground. We have smaller play structures that are perfect for apartment playground equipment where space may be limited, and we also have large structures that can accommodate large groups of children in places like schools and daycares. You can also find play structures that have bridges, tunnels and attached slides that allow for multiple options for the kids to enjoy as they play.

Classic Swing Sets

A commercial grade swing set is another piece of playground equipment that never goes out of style. Children love the feeling of swinging through the air, and learning how to swing by themselves is a milestone moment that kids never forget. In addition to the traditional swing sets, you can add a mommy and me swing to your playground so that even the littlest visitors get to join in on the fun.

Challenging Climbers

The benefits of climbing extend beyond just building strong muscles and bones. Climbing structures help kids learn valuable skills such as problem solving as they figure out their way up and down spider nets and rock walls. Parents especially love climbing equipment that allows kids to take safe risks as they figure out how to make it to the top.

Freestanding Musical Instruments

Kids love making noise just as much as they enjoy climbing and swinging. Freestanding musical instruments, such as drums and xylophones, give kids a way to express themselves. These pieces of playground equipment are also perfect for kids with disabilities who also want to have fun with their friends outside.

Exciting Monkey Bars and Hand Rings

When kids head to your park, you can teach them what hanging out really means. Monkey bars and hand rings strengthen kids’ upper bodies, and kids love setting goals on this type of equipment. Finally making it to the final bar or ring is a major achievement, and monkey bars add a fun feature that works alongside other types of equipment so that kids get a full body workout every time they play.

The best playground equipment encourages kids to stretch their skills by spending their time outside climbing, sliding and swinging their way to fitness and fun. Remember to choose equipment that is perfect for the age ranges that visit your play area, and let us know if you have any questions about your playground design. Our experts can ask you a few simple questions that make it easy

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