Best Types of Playgrounds for Daycares & Early Childhood Centers

Daycares and early childhood centers are in the perfect position to lead the way in playground design. These types of programs offer kids the opportunity to go outside every day that the weather permits, which means that the equipment will receive a high amount of use. Many daycares also view their playground as an advertisement to the community about their high level of dedication to the children in their care.

Since a playground can usually be seen by the public, having an attractive play area can bring more parents to your program’s doors. These are the best types of playgrounds for child care centers that serve young children to help you start creating the ideal play area.

Designate Age Appropriate Play Areas

The absolute best type of playground for young children is a safe one. Many day cares offer services for children ranging in age from six weeks to 12 years old. This means that you may need to divide the playground up into age-appropriate areas to keep younger kids safe.

Consider using fencing to split the outdoor space up, and install different types of playground structures to fit each group’s needs. This prevents toddlers from accidentally being run over by bigger kids during large group play times, and the youngest kids will be able to have fun on equipment that is designed for their size.

Inspire Pretend Play With Playhouses

Some of the simplest preschool playground equipment is the best. Toddlers and preschoolers love playgrounds that have features that let them take the reins on planning their play. Our playhouse structures give young children a safe place to act out their dramatic play scenarios. The simplicity of a playhouse gives teachers room to dress them up to fit changing themes so that kids always have something new to inspire their play.

Encourage Learning With a Discovery Center

Discovery centers are another type of playground feature that are most ideal for your program’s littlest toddlers. With the right safety surfacing surrounding the area, crawlers can also enjoy reaching the panels. We have discovery centers that are meant for children starting at six months of age. Each one has unique sets of panels that encourage children to touch, spin and learn new concepts about motion, sounds and shapes. Some of the best discovery centers also have crawl through panels and slides for building gross motor development.

Meet Multiple Needs With an All-In-One Structure

Early childhood playground structures tend to be the focal point of a daycare’s outdoor space. An all-in-one structure is ideal for smaller playgrounds where you need to pack as much fun into one place as possible. You can also use ones made for different ages in your separate play spaces. Look for structures that include sensory elements along with ladders, steps and rock climbing walls to entertain every kid in your group.

Your day care’s playground should stand out to parents and children alike. While the children in your program will just see the infinite opportunities to have fun, you’ll like knowing that the teachers and parents who visit your center know that each new piece of equipment stimulates a child’s developmental needs.

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