7 Types of Park Equipment That Kids Love

Planning a park feels more like fun than work, and you may already have a few ideas about what your playground design should include. These seven types of park equipment are just a few of the ones that kids love the most, and knowing why they are such favorites helps you round out your final playground plans.

Add a Climbing Challenge

Kids love testing out their ability to conquer their fears, and climbing structures are the perfect place to challenge themselves to reach new heights. Being able to climb higher than they did the last time they visited the park gives kids a sense of accomplishment.

Help Grown Ups and Kids Bond

Swing sets are another long-time favorite piece of playground equipment that should have a place on every playground. Give the kids who visit your park a surprise by including a mommy and me swing. These swings let adults and kids play together for a complete interactive experience.

Encourage Cooperation With Shared Equipment

Young children love playing with their friends, and shared equipment helps them practice their developing social skills. See saws are still a favorite among kids today, and spring-loaded ones offer more safety than older styles from the past.

Provide Tons of Play Options With a Large Structure

To a kid, playground structures are the ultimate play space. Due to their large size and bright colors, play structures also tend to be what kids spot first. Our structures are packed with fun things to do such as exploration walls and climbing poles. They are also made to be accessible to kids with varying levels of skills and abilities so that everyone can have fun.

Give Them a Ride Down a Slide

Slides are often looked at as a challenge for young kids who might get a little nervous about climbing so high, and they provide many benefits for a kid’s development. Sliding stimulates the vestibular system, which has an impact on how well kids can balance. We have slides in multiple heights along with double slides that let kids safely share the experience with their friends.

Send Them Spinning

Spinners and merry-go-rounds are additional favorites that stimulate important sensory systems in a kid’s body. Cup spinners and ones with high backs are fun for younger kids and those with mobility challenges. Overhead spinners are ideal for older kids and teens who still need to satisfy their sensory needs.

Fill the Air With Joyful Sounds

Rhythm instruments are a fun piece of freestanding playground equipment that work well in any park design. Kids love hearing the sounds that they make on drums and xylophones, and parks are the perfect place to let them make some noise outside.

The sky is the limit when it comes to putting together a comprehensive playground plan that has all of the features that kids need to be happy. Now that you’ve got a few ideas of what to include, make sure to let us know if you have any concerns about fitting it all into one space. Our designers are great at helping to add the finishing touches that create an amazing playground experience for kids.

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