7 Benefits to Building a Playground in Your Faith Community

Children bring a sense of youthfulness and vitality to your church congregation, and there is something beautiful about being able to watch as a child’s spiritual understanding grows. A strong youth program helps to build your church, and it gives the children activities that enable them to grow up to become strong leaders in their community. When you think about it, both churches and playgrounds aim to nurture the bodies and souls of children. Adding a playground to your church facility can bring these benefits that help your children’s program achieve its goals.

Make Your Church More Inviting to Visitors

Outreach is a major part of your church’s mission, and a playground has a tremendous visual impact within your community. When people see outdoor playground equipment, they instantly know that your church is family-friendly. Kids may even see it and ask their parents to visit the church.

Bring In Younger Church Members

Many churches today struggle with attracting young families who sometimes find it hard to take time out of their busy schedules to attend services. Younger church members bring a fresh perspective to their small group studies and worship services that can help to build your church. New parents who might otherwise shy away from bringing their children to church will feel more welcome when they see a playground.

Encourage Physical Activity

Giving young children a chance to run around on the playground can make them less squirmy during church services. Playing on the church playground equipment also helps kids to learn about the importance of taking care of their bodies. Running, jumping and climbing keeps kids fit, and being active at an earlier age means that they are more likely to keep up their level of physical activity as they mature into adults.

Nurture the Development of Positive Character Traits

There are many lessons that are easier to teach on the playground. For instance, kids can learn how to be good sports as they engage in games and competitions in the play area. As children learn to wait their turn for a chance to go down the slide, they develop patience. Generosity, kindness and joyfulness are a few more traits that playgrounds help nurture.

Bring Church Lessons to Life

Kids cannot always sit through lengthy church lessons. Instead, they may need their youth leaders to come up with creative ways to teach important Bible stories. Children can act out stories from their worship lessons so that they have more meaning.

Create a Safer Environment

Churches quickly get busy during gathering times, and children need somewhere to go and play. A playground stops kids from running around the parking lot or indoor areas of your worship building. People of all ages benefit from knowing that there is less likely to be an accident caused from having children run underfoot.

Establish a Family Friendly Gathering Place

The playground may primarily be for children, but you can also make it serve a purpose for everyone. When you buy playground equipment online, look for benches and picnic tables that you can add to the space. Outdoor socials are a great way to encourage fellowship among church members of all ages.

The right playground for your church should fit the overall space that you have available while also serving a range of different ages. Our playground designers can help you select the right play equipment that everyone who comes to your church will enjoy.

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