4 Reasons Your Puppy Needs Exercise

Puppies are adorable little fur balls that seem to get into more mischief than you might expect. While your puppy may be fine running around your home for the first few weeks of their life, there comes a point when a few chases of a ball down the hall are not enough to rein in their energy. Once your puppy is grown up enough to venture outdoors to play with other dogs, you want to take them as often as possible to help them get these four benefits of regular exercise.

1. Curbs Destructive Behaviors

As the owner of a new pup, you can pretty much expect to lose at least one pair of shoes and maybe even some furniture. Puppies with boundless energy tend to resort to negative behaviors as a way to let it out. A dog that does not get enough exercise may bark for long periods of time, chew up things around the house and even act out with aggression. Regular sessions of play on dog playground equipment provides an outlet for their energy that makes them stay calmer at home.

2. Controls Weight and Prevents Health Problems

Obesity is a serious concern for dog owners, and it is hard to get the weight off if your dog starts to pile it on. Helping dogs control their weight comes down to the same strategies used by humans. Start by taking to your dog’s vet about an appropriate diet. Then, fill their days with enough physical activity that they burn off calories. Keeping your pup’s weight under control with exercise also helps them to avoid common health problems such as heart disease as they grow up.

3. Teaches Them to Socialize With Humans and Other Pups

Socialization needs to begin early in a dog’s life for it to be effective. Playing with other dogs at the park helps your puppy to learn how to meet new friends and manage common conflicts. While they need your help to get through these new social situations, the extra work pays off when you can take your puppy anywhere. Dog parks are the perfect meeting ground for your pup since they’ll already be calmer from spending so much time exercising on the equipment.

4. Improves Their Agility

Agility is a term that describes the ability of a pup to move their body and change directions quickly in response to changes in their environment. As you may have noticed, your bumbling puppy probably needs some help changing their adorably clumsy ways. Dog park agility courses include all of the equipment that your dog needs to master skills such as jumping and balancing as they walk on a plank. These types of dog park equipment are perfect for helping your puppy get started early on their competition training, or you can just teach your dog some skills to help them avoid injuries in new situations.

A well-planned dog park gives puppies a safe boundary to play within that is equipped with a variety of types of equipment that gives them a challenge. While it takes a little time for new pups to learn how to maneuver through the various elements on an agility course, they quickly build strong muscles and reflexes that help them stay healthy.

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